3 Steps for Proper Clipper Maintenance

3 Steps for Proper Clipper Maintenance

Proper clipper and trimmer maintenance is a crucial every time you perform a hair cut. MODERN spoke with BabylissPRO barber/educator Harry Hernandez, @houdinistyle who recommends the following 3 steps for each client:

Step 1: Clean clipper blades of excess hair buildup with a small brush.

Step 2: With the clipper blade running spray BaByLissPRO All in One Clipper Spray across the blade with two passes.

Step 3: Turn off the clipper or trimmer and wipe any excess lubricating residue.

BaBylissPRO All In One Clipper Spray helps prolong the life of the blade by disinfecting, lubricating, cooling, cleaning and preventing rust. Hernandez adds, “Evaluate the blade temperature halfway through the service. If it is running hot, spray the blade twice front and back and almost instantly the blade temperature will cool down.”

Here’s Hernandez’s full clipper maintenance routine: 

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Published at Fri, 02 Mar 2018 21:06:00 +0000