Amazing: Carpenter Discovers A 40-Year Old Family Treasure Behind Walls of Construction Site!

Pure coincidence

We all wish we’d stumble upon some hidden treasure somewhere. That way we will be able to have and enjoy all the things that we have so long dreamed of.

But then again, there are things we find at the end of the rainbow that’s not all diamonds nor a pot of gold.

Carpenter Clint Lamkey was working in an old building somewhere in Salem, Oregon when he saw some graffiti on the wall that made him pry into the inscriptions.

Written in the handwriting was very much familiar to Lamkey. He saw the initials of his father who long passed away – Melvin Lamkey!

He took a snap shot and sent it to his mom, who confirmed the handwriting was Melvin’s. Her mom replied:

“It’s him alright.”

Her mom also showed a bank statement that shows the uncanny resemblance to the handwriting, she said:

“Look how he made his M and his L.”

Undoutedly, Lankey came across an inscription left by his father! This time, in giant cursive text with his dad’s full name, Melvin Lamkey.

He shared:

“I just never pictured him defacing anything, let alone with his initials and name,” Jo Lamkey said. “But he would have got a big kick out of this. He always had a smirky grin on his face when he got caught doing something. I can see him now with that smirky grin saying, ‘You caught me.’”

It is unimaginable that Lamkey happened to be working on the exact same building his father had helped create over 40 years before is simply amazing! Lamkey had just quit his last work for a new construction company. That company happened to be working in the building his father helped construct about 40 years earlier.

By some chance, Lamkey worked on the very floors his father memorialized before his initials were covered by a drywall for another 40 years. What a coincidence!

Check out the amazing story below:



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