These 5 Siblings Decided To Move In The Same Nursing Home To Live Together

They want to cherish the remaining years of their lives being together.

They Gave Brand New Meaning To Becoming Family Throughout The Years!

Our family is the last person on earth who will accept us for who we are, what we did, without any ‘IFS’ or ‘BUTS.’ They will not judge us. They will love and accept us no matter what. This was proven by these 5 siblings who decided to stick through despite what life has thrown at them.

In their last days here on earth, they simply want to live together and enjoy each other’s companies while it lasts.


We all know for a fact that keeping up with siblings can really be a hard work. Once you head out and leave home, your time is devoted in finding out whom you eventually wanted to be, and the rest of the time where you are making your own path can lead to some rifts between other family members. When this happens, it will take a great deal of time to restore.

Five senior citizens, who happen to be all siblings, hailed from Peabody, Massachusetts – they all know how it is to be with siblings. And in their golden years, they want to move in closer together by being at the same nursing home and are inseparable. They want to cherish the remaining years of their lives being together.

The senior citizen siblings are Carmen Wesala, 98; Georgia Southwick, 93; Mary Cena, 92; Lawrence Mallia, 90; and Lucy O’Brien, 85.

The chief operating officer for nursing home where they are – Brudnick Center, mentioned she have never seen such a circumstance in over 35 years of her service in the business, she stated:

“I’ve had sisters together. I’ve had brothers, husbands and wives, mothers and daughters. This is so unusual. I’ve never seen the likes of it.”

They were 11 siblings all in all in their family. The eldest of them, Carmen left home and married way back in 1946. The Mallia siblings have not lived together under the same roof for over seventy (70) years already.

Cena stated:

“We are all just so happy to be together again. I just wish my other brothers and sisters could have experienced this with us.”

They are a good example of what a family must be. Exert effort in keeping together throughout the years. We all wanted to have such a wonderful relationship with our siblings, like the Mallia’s.

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