Couple Agreed To Forego Their Dream Wedding Plans In Exchange They Did An Epic Roadtrip Performing 50 Acts of Kindness!

Making a difference is their commitment

Ismini Svensson’s dad passed away years ago before her wedding day.

She simply can’t imagine walking the aisle without him, so she and her fiancé, Mark, ended up ditching their lavish church wedding and honeymoon plans.

Instead they went on an epic roadtrip and performed 50 acts of kindness as a way to remember the bride’s father’s legacy. [mashshare]

The pair had set aside a budget for a traditional wedding, complete with reception and honeymoon, however went with a simple courthouse ceremony instead.

They used what would have been their wedding money, to do something amazing to honor the memory of Ismini’s father, who went into cardiac arrest while hosting a charity event to award scholarships to marginalized youth. This is exactly when their journey to ’50 acts of kindness’ started.

By January 2013, the newlyweds embarked on their adventure. They had a short hiatus when their daughter was born, but little Rafealla was later on hitting the road with her parents on the way to a cross-country goodwill mission.

They delivered flowers and gifts to cancer patients in North Carolina, helped the elderly with grocery shopping in Texas, and also they joined a sports camp for disabled children somewhere in Connecticut.

They furnished homes for homeless mothers and their children in Nevada, donated clothing to a rescue mission in New Jersey, and spent time at an animal shelter in Florida.

Mark said:

“Whether it is homelessness, domestic violence, illiteracy, or people with disabilities, StayUNITED develops a project, or partners with other local organizations to address the issue,”

Now, that is a much better way to seal a relationship!


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