Age Is But A Number – Amazing 91 Year-Old Lady Performs Complex Gymnastic Tricks!

Incredible gymnast

Ever since it was introduced as an official Olympic sport during 1896, the coordinated twists and turns performed by both female and male gymnasts have entertained millions of people from different parts of the world.

Gymnastics is a precise sport that demands an equal effort of strength, balance and flexibility. It has been a popular sport for how many years and it is looked up by many athletes as one of the most backbreaking sport. It also needs coordination and unrelenting focus. The sport revolves around series of stunts and tricks that need to be perfected. Gymnasts dedicate their time and energy into practicing their act. They have to maintain their performance to be ready for a certain competition.

Since gymnastics require tons of flexibility and strong muscles, most gymnasts are at the young age. During this stage, it is easy for them to practice their tricks because their body is in good condition. And while audience comes together every competition to cheer for young competitors, the 91-year-old Johanna Quaas is changing the name when it comes to gymnastics; she proved that this sport is not only for youthful athletes but also for those who are young at heart.

Quaas was considered as the oldest gymnast in the entire world way back in the year 2016. You have to witness what she’s capable of. This woman didn’t let her age come between her and her passion for gymnastics. She continued to do what she love the most and this only shows that the sport has been a great part of her life.

She is still joining amateur gymnastics competition in Germany ever since the year 1930s and she is proving that despite of her age, she’s still got the moves and ability to entertain the audience. But this time, she didn’t just entertained them, she also stunned them knowing that she is 91 years old and still kicking.

Wow. It isn’t every day that we get to the chance to know someone with that age who can do gymnastics. Well, reading this, it just makes me think that no one has any excuse to go to the gym. This badass lady right here is just astonishing! She straightly proved to us that age is just a number.

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