This Man Discovered Abandoned Baby In A Canal With Umbilical Cord Still Attached – So He Did This!

There should be more people like Ceja in this world.

It was a peaceful day in the streets of Jalisco, Mexico and Nail Marin Ceja took the opportunity to go for a walk. He was doing alright until he spotted something strange.

He saw a bundle by the sidewalk and although it wasn’t strange enough, his eyes were fixed at something that’s inside it. He walked closer towards the strange sight and there, he found a blood stained and wrinkled blanket. The next thing that he found out was a child that’s only hours old and the umbilical cord is still attached to the abandoned baby.

Ceja was shocked and he couldn’t move at first. What he saw was pitiful and he instantly gathered his thoughts and dialed the emergency hotline’s number. As soon as help arrives, they took the little baby to Zapopan General Hospital in Jalisco to be treated and cleaned. [mashshare]

The kind-hearted Ceja followed the ambulance on the way to the hospital because he couldn’t just take his eyes off the baby. He also helped the investigators determine what actually happened hoping they could find the child’s true parents. However, when it was clear as the day sky that the mother and father of the little angel was nowhere to be found, Ceja immediately realized that this happening was certainly not a coincidence.

He decided to adopt the child and with the support from his family and friends, the adoption process was successfully carried out. He gave the little baby a new home and a chance to move on from her tragic past.

There should be more people like Ceja in this world. Just like him, we shouldn’t hesitate to help someone in need. What he did was another level of  compassion. That is difficult to give and Ceja did it effortlessly. That is a very special type of love and more people should exhibit that.

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