Backcountry Skier Figured In An Accident, Told He’ll Never Run Again – Months Later He Is Back & Lives Each Day Doing What He Loves!

Positivity goes a long way

Josh Barilar was a lover of nature and the backcountry. He is an expert skier and explorer, and his passion brought him to Colorado sometime in 2007. This move made him change his life for good.

Being the expert skier, he never thought anything would ever go wrong. But one fine day, he was taking the Colorado slopes when something unintentional happened.


That’s when disaster struck on the 14,265-foot high Mount Fletcher.

Josh recalled:

“As I took the turn across some loose snow, it swept both my feet of, basically like someone pulled a rug out from under you.”

“Once that happened I had no way of stopping myself. As I got swept, I went straight into the wall. There was no choice.

” It took rescuers 5 hours to get to Josh and load him into a helicopter.”

Together with broken finger, Josh’s knee joint was badly damaged and the head of his femur badly ruined.

His doctors told him that even with surgery, he would never be able to run or ski ever again after the accident.

Josh was motivated by the very mountains that caused his injury to prove the doctors wrong and he spent months in therapy in healing his legs. His determination helped him be able to leave the wheelchair and crutches behind and get back on the slopes!

He said:

“Being in the mountains is a big motivation to wake up every day, but also just being grateful you’re still alive.”

What an amazing guy!



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