SHOCKING: Britain’s Youngest Mother-To-Be, Pregnant At Age 11!

The police are investigating yet another instance of a very young pregnancy, where the father of the unborn child is believed to be another minor. Britain’s authorities are currently investigating the case of an alleged 11-year old girl who is due to become Britain’s youngest mother-to-be!

The details of the pregnancy have been kept private due to legal restrictions; however the girl will soon give birth. The local authority is reportedly looking for stringent reporting restraints from the high court.

The said news came about following the revelation of Tressa Middleton’s pregnancy with her second child.  Tressa was once regarded as Britain’s youngest mother. She is now 23 years old and she was forced to give her daughter away 10 years ago after news came about that the baby was a result of her being raped by her very own brother.  Tressa kept the identity of her baby’s father a secret until the time she finally gave birth, and eventually she revealed the truth to a friend after a drinking spree.

Tressa and her partner.

Now, Tressa, the youngest mom in Britain is pregnant with her second child. Their toddler, a girl is presently being looked after by her 28-y.o. grandma while the teen mom attends school. She will soon be replaced by the newest mom-to-be who is apparently pregnant at 11 years old!

Tressa, now age 23.

Reports have it that the number of teens giving birth has reached its all-time low for the past seven decades now. The decline is attributed to the enhanced used of contraception among young women, and the easy access to abortive services in the country.

Previously, there were 25,977 women aged 19 years old and lower who had babies in Wales and England, which is about the same levels  last reported in the year 1946 where there were some 24,816 babies born, as per the Office for National Statistics. Although the statistic of teenage pregnancy occurrence drastically dropped, the official figures show that the average age of mother’s giving birth since 2016 had reached its highest from the time records were made which was set at 30 years old.


Trivia: Sean Stewart from Beford, was the youngest known father in Britain at the tender age of 12 he had her girlfriend impregnated in the year 1998. Another teen, Alfie Patten, from Eastbourne, East Sussex, declared in 2009 that he made his girlfriend (15 years of age) pregnant when she was 12, however tests showed that another boy 15 years of age was the real father.

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