Clever 4-Year Old Kid Is Mommy’s Little Lifesaver – He Thought She Was Dead, Used SIRI To Call 999 For Help!

Emergencies can happen, what will you do to save a life?

In emergency cases, time is of the essence. Every second counts and you do not have to delay a moment if you want to save the life of a loved one. This is exactly what a 4-year old boy in London did.

After he found out that something is wrong and that his mom’s life could be in danger, he asked SIRI to help him call on the local police to help him.

The authorities have released the audio of an emergency call, 999 for UK (911 in the US), where a young boy named Roman can be heard talking to a dispatcher regarding his mom, who collapsed at home and went unconscious, which he thought was already dead.

Despite the situation, the boy was ever so alert and in the right state of mind. He immediately took his mother’s thumb to have her smartphone unlocked. He then prompted the SIRI application to call 999 for him.

When the dispatcher asked if Roman knew where his mother was, he said he thought she was dead because “she’s closing her eyes and she’s not breathing.”

Metropolitan Police said the officers were able to come to the home where the distress call was made and within approximately 13 minutes and provided first aid to the mom who was found laying unconscious. When they arrived, police found Roman, his twin and his younger brother with their mother, who was lying unconscious on the floor.

The Metropolitan Police department did not further explained as to what the mothered suffered. But, then she was in good health now and has been discharged from the hospital and was safely back home with her children and family.

The department released the audio from the emergency call to be a good example. They hope that parents teach their children to memorize their address and urge kids to call on 999 when there is an emergency and to not panic just like what this clever 4-year old did. Getting the right kind of help in emergency cases is sure vital if you want to save a loved one today.



Isn’t this kid awesome? Now, we can all say that technology has been very useful in this particular scenario.

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