Creating a Sensory Experience for Your Male Clientele

Creating a Sensory Experience for Your Male Clientele

Making male clients feel comfortable in a salon environment can be a challenge. MODERN spoke to second-generation hair professional Amanda Olusanya, owner of Allen Ray Salon in Minneapolis and national educator for Aveda, for her tips to connect with male clients’ five senses.

Sight: Create an environment with images for men. Men want to feel comfortable walking into an environment that they feel like they belong to. If it’s only feminine images, it won’t grow the men’s business. Have male-friendly magazines like GQ, Esquire, The Times, or even National Geographic. Olusanya suggests using neutral colors for tools. “Pink and purple clippers or combs aren’t inviting or expensive-feeling.”  

Sound: Use words they recognize such as strong, masculine, matte, adjust, customize, blend, shape and strength in the consultation. Ask closed-ended questions like, “how long has it been since your last haircut” because these are questions they know. They are looking to you as a professional. Give two options, one to maintain their overall look and the second option to subtly change their shape or length. This will build credibility and trust because men don’t like explaining their hair. Also, be aware of clicking of jewelry, it can be maddening. These little things make a huge difference.

Touch:  At the shampoo bowl, men prefer thoughtful slower pressure along the temples versus a fast paced scrub unless they have longer hair. Slow down, and let them enjoy it because this could be their only relaxation they receive.

Smell: Create a welcoming neutral environment with smell. Fruity or tropical scents are often associated with femininity. Offer a hot towel experience with the same scent that is in your male products.  

Taste: Create a beverage list with a variety of options: carbonated, flat, strong and sweet. Another option to add is a little fixation like a mint or a chocolate at the end. This acts as a trigger so when he is outside your place of business and tastes it, he’ll remember you!

Olusanya adds, “Overall, men tend to be less price conscious, come in more often and I find they are better tippers! Give men more than they expect, and they will always take care of you.”

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Published at Mon, 26 Mar 2018 21:07:00 +0000