True or Hoax: In Argentina, Hundreds Flock To Witness Alleged Miracle of A Virgin Mary Statue ‘Crying Blood’

Is this true or hoax?

Hundreds of devotees have flocked the family home of the statue of the Virgin Mary, where many claim to have witnessed a ‘miracle.’ But, a priest has warned them to not make any sweeping conclusions about the ‘incident.’

An Argentinian priest has made an investigation to further check into the alleged Virgin mary statue that has been reported ‘crying tears of blood.’

The tiny icon of the Virgin of the Mystical Rose, one of the names the Catholic devotees would use for the Virgin Mary, is owned by a family in Argentina’s Salta province and is currently staying in their home.

The Frias Mendoza family, who resides in the city of San José de MetánSan, released the story through a local radio station.

A red fluid is said to be flowing on the statue’s face in the video below.

As news of the miraculous happening spread, excited devotees marched and flocked to the town square with hopes of catching a glimpse of what many perceived to be a – MIRACLE.

For several days, hundreds of Catholics visited the house as the family’s dining room became makeshift shrine for the statue, as reported by local media.

However, priest Julio Raúl Méndez has urged people not to jump to conclusions. He said an investigation would look for a scientific or natural explanation before considering anything else.

Father Méndez said: “The first thing the church does is to do a scientific analysis to see if there is a natural explanation. Only then, the possibility of a supernatural phenomenon is considered.”

There were several reports of religious statues crying over the years but, only one has been certified authentic by the Catholic Church authorities. The rest has been proven to be pure ‘hoaxes.’

Sometime in 1984, after 8 years of in depth investigation, a wooden statue of Our Lady of Akita (another name for the Virgin Mary in Japan), was found to have shed real blood, sweat, and tears.

Check the video below and find out if it’s true:


What do you think about the crying Virgin Mary, is it true or hoax?