These Slimy Nasty Creepers Can Be Deadly – If You Find Them On Your Yard… RUN!

Beware of the New Guinea flatworms - they are dangerous

You may have encountered a lot of tall tales about invasive creatures causing dilemma in homes, but this by far is seriously – one of the freakiest things ever!

Reports have it that the New Guinea flatworm has made its way to Miami, Florida. Many believe that it was transported through international shipping containers.

Although it can look harmless, these little ‘creepy’ guys are in fact harmful than any humans or animals combined!

These things are capable of giving us headaches and can pretty much invade our homes, and now they are in the USA, so we have a reason to be more cautious. Authorities reveal that these New Guinea flatworms are capable of secreting a toxin that can corrode the human flesh! The nasty part is that these toxins are released via their vomit – yuck!

As they feed on rodents, they can also pass through lungworm infections that humans can catch if they come into contact with rat or mouse droppings.

The threat in Florida is so real that the wildlife officials have in fact launched an investigation to figure out where they are situated and what their habits are to help keep animals as well as people out of harm’s way. Should you live in Miami or someone you know does, call the Sunshine State home immediately, you really have to check on this news report below.

They are pretty much alarming! Little creepers can truly pack a huge punch. Be sure to share this with everyone you might know. We certainly do not want these slimy worms invading not only Florida, but anywhere else in the world!

Watch the video below:


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