Engagement Photos Gone Viral – This Shows How We Mindlessly Use Social Media These Days!

All these post kept getting loads of likes and congratulations.

Undeniably, social media and the internet in general have been the best invention ever made that enabled us to connect with the rest of the world. This allowed a lot of businesses to grow, friends and families to get in touch, and for people to learn anything with a few clicks of their mouse. The best things that can be said about social media are numerous, but sadly there are likewise so many bad things that come with its use and abuse.

The phenomenal growth and reach of social media has widened possibilities for all across the globe which helped people enhance information dissemination and connection in an interactive manner.

The basic thing you have to remember is the fact that the internet is a ‘virtual’ version of our real world, so this means that you both have good and bad people using it. The biggest issue with the internet is that it can empower even the most introverted person to abuse the system.

Are you at an era of social media and Facebook where your feed is filled up with so many photos? Or the most engagement photos? They can range from late night selfies to long term couples who finally placed their relationship to the next level, and just make anyone left out and feeling old.

This simple photo which features an ‘alleged’ engagement has gone viral for the wrong reasons. It goes to show how many of us mindlessly use the platform, especially Facebook.

Comedian Zach Lamplugh however perfectly trolled all those smug couples with these genius engagement photos.

Here is the first photo:







And all those pictures got about a billion likes. But, are their friends actually looking at the photos they like, or is it just a Pavolvian response to a big rock on a girl’s finger?

Did you spot fiance number one in the background!

We urge you to raise awareness when it comes to urging people to stop the mindless use and abuse of the internet and to report to authorities all kinds of behavior that you find to be improper.  This is an excellent way to make small changes that can turn into huge steps to create a safer and more productive environment online for everyone who visits the web.

All we need is more people to actively denounce this behavior and thing will definitely start to change.

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