Your Face Reveals Your Current State of Health – Here’s 10 Important Factors To Consider

An ounce of prevention is always better

Your face says a lot of things about your health. Even if you eat properly, there can still be something wrong. You should always listen to your body, when it tries to tell you something. However your face may reveal your condition, if you know what to look for.

Here are some important clues to decode your current status of health:

1. Eyes

Health says that puffy eyes indicate lack of sleep, but can also be related to diet. If you have enough sleep and there are still bags under your eyes, it may indicate that your diet is too high in sodium. Body and Soul also says that dark under eye circles and white spots are the result of food intolerance. Dairy and wheat are the common suspects so try eliminating them from your diet. Alcohol can also cause dark under eyes.

2. Redness

If you have a rash that stays for more than one week, you should see your doctor. Reader’s Digest states that it can also be caused by Coelic Disease, especially with itchiness. Butterfly rash all over the cheekbones indicates autoimmune disease called lupus, while rosacea is acquired through excessive alcohol consumption.

3. Moles

You simply need to remember your ABCDE: Asymmetrical, Border, Color, Diameter, and Evolving.

4. Dry Skin

It is usually caused by dehydration but if it is consistently dry, you might lack water in your body, following the signs of hypothyroidism, allergies, and diabetes based on Health.

5. Yellow spots around the eyesMedical experts say that they are connected to heart problems. Check with your physician to know more.

6. Sores on your mouth

Consistent sores on your nostrils or lips are usually due to cold sores which are related to the very contagious Type 1 Herpes virus. The virus is untreatable but you can buy expensive meds to fight off the cold sores, explains WebMD.

8. Excessive hair

This can be a sign of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) among women, according to Health. This can lead to abnormal menstruation and infertility. Excessive hair on your chest, stomach, face, or hands indicate the condition, kindly visit your doctor immediately.

8. Yellowing skin and eyes

Also called as jaundice, it’s normal among premature babies but in adults, it is a symptomatic viral infection such as mononucleosis and hepatitis, as well as issues in gallbladder, liver, and pancreas, says WebMD.

9. Skin color

Heal care professionals explain that prolonged paleness can cause anemia while bluish tint indicates lung disease or symptom of heart issue (watch out for bluish tint in your nail beds).

10. Bad oral hygiene

If your mouth isn’t as healthy looking as it should be, this can greatly affect your health based on Health. Good oral hygiene decreases heart disease while those who brush their teeth twice a day acquired 70% risk for heart problem.


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