What Exactly Happens To My Facebook Account When I Die?

Delete or memorialize

A lot of people have been using social media to document almost every aspect of their daily lives, but what exactly happens if I die? What becomes of my Facebook account?

You have two options – request for the deletion of the account, or have it memorialized.

Account Deletion

One can have his or her account permanently deleted after passing away. To be able to do this, go to ‘Settings > General Account Settings >Legacy Contact > Request Deletion’ then, follow the on-screen instructions that follows.

This option will entirely delete the timeline and all associated media or content from Facebook for good, that way no one will be able to view it anymore.

All posts and photos pertaining to the said profile will likewise be removed.


When you choose to have your account ‘Memorialized,’ your Facebook friends can leave comments and celebrate your life, much like a Facebook Fan page does.

Whenever an account is memorialized, only your confirmed friends can view your timeline or find it in their search bar. Facebook will be able to memorialize the account if a family member or friend submits a requests and supplies evidence of the user’s death.

Your timeline will no longer appear in the suggestions section of the home page, and only friends and family can leave posts on the profile in remembrance. When a user chooses this option, when he or she dies the word ‘Remembering’ will show up next to the person’s name on their profile. Friends and family can then share memories on a memorialized account’s timeline and the user’s shared content will remain on Facebook.

The one thing that most strongly distinguishes a memorialized account from a living person’s account – no one will be able to log in to a memorialized account anymore.

Choosing To Use The ‘If I Die’ App

This particular app enables you to make a video, text, or message that can be scheduled to send after your death. One can add it on their Facebook page and if you want to send it over after your death, you click on the ‘Leave a message’ button, and it will bring you to the screen where you may leave a personal, private, or public message to your loved ones and followers.


The app applies only to users who have time to contemplate about their last words and not for those who dies in a sudden manner. The ‘If I Die’ app will share the content on Facebook after 3 trustees previously chosen by the user have confirmed the death.