This Family Worked Together & Sold Lemonade To Help Raise Money For 3-Year Old Son With Leukemia, They Raised $700 in Two Weeks

Lemonade anyone?

When a family member is stricken by serious ailment, everyone is affected. Even the younger ones are concerned.

This is what happened to Leo Flemming. When his cousin Colleen Sneed learned that her baby cousin has been diagnosed with Leukemia, the little girl knew she had to do something in her own little way to help out.

Together with other family members and friends, Colleen started her campaign – ‘Lemonade for Leo’ in Glendale, Missouri.


She recalls:

“When a family member goes through something like that you feel so helpless and you just want to help. So, Jacob and I thought let’s start a lemonade stand and let’s try to get people to come and get lemonade in exchange for prayers or a donation.”

In but a couple of weekends, the campaign became a succes and so well received by friends and people around them, that it was able to receive over $700 in donations from people, some even from complete strangers they did not know – all going toward the research for Leo’s Leukemia cure.

The family has likewise set up a GoFundMe page and in less than 5 months, they have been able to raise $19,295 of the original $15,000 target. Wow, it was so amazing!

Hannah’s Helping Hands a Missouri-based non-profit organization that is likewise helping Leo and his family battle their problems.

The mom of Leo, Erin said:

“It is a scary road ahead and one full of fears, tears, but hope that this will be my son’s cure. He continues to amaze me with his attitude, I hope my stubborn energetic little man will use all his wonderful qualities to fight through this terrible disease and come out on top with a new immune system!! He is a fighter and I am so proud of him.”


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