Woman Stunned By Lost &Found Wallet – After 8 Long Years, It Was Returned With Stuff Intact!

It’s simply amazing

At one point in your life, you may have experienced something valuable, like your wallet or money, credit cards, and identification cards, etc.

You experience that horrible feeling and that you can’t sleep peacefully thinking how you may have lost something so important.

I know, we all know the feeling!

With almost everything personal to you from driver’s license, social security card, credit cards, cash, it is so scary to think that someone can get their hands on your most personal ‘prized’ possessions. Unfortunately, trying to retrieve something stolen like ‘wallets;’ are deemed a case closed.

Courtney Connolly was working at a theater in her locality 8 years ago and pays her way through nursing school when she said she had her wallet stolen sometime in 2009. After the loss, Connolly never expected to found his wallet once more. She shared it was a gift from her brother.

One day, a police officer came knocking on her door after 8 long years with a surprise on his hand.

The police officer told her that the wallet was found by a stranger and had it delivered to the Boston police. He rummaged into the wallet and found an old pay stub inside, so he track down Connolly and returned the lost goods.


To her delight, she found out that all the cash, credit cards, and all other personal belongings were found still intact inside the wallet!

She said:

“I really can’t believe this thing made its way back to her after almost a decade with all the money inside. There really are good people left in the world!”


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