Omar – A Giant Maine Coon Can Be “The Longest Known Cat” In The Whole World!

Giant Maine Coon might be the longest cat in the world

Cats are said to be intelligent creatures. Unlike dogs, they are independent and can practically live on their own.

That is why more and more people are considering having cats as pet because of this trait of cats.

Meet Omar. The cat in the spotlight is a humongous orange kitty who might be the longest known cat in the world.


The 3-year old Maine Coon is officially 3’ and 11” long, and weighs in at an amazing 30.8 pounds.

The giant maine coon cat belongs to Stephanie Hirst of Melbourne, Australia. She submitted her pert’s photos and measurements to Guiness World Records for Omar to be considered for the title. The official title is currently held by the cat named – ‘Ludo.’

After Omar very rapidly grew to be over 20 pounds in under one year, Stephanie know for a fact that Omar is special. It remains to be seen however if this giant maine coon will be able to snag the world record, however Omar has so many fans nonetheless. Currently, he has over 44,000 in followers on Instagram, and the number consistently grows as fast as he did.

Reports show that the secret to his impressive frame could be his diet, which consists of cat food and raw kangaroo meat.

Have a look at how huge Omar is in this video right here:


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