GOLDEN GLOBES 2018: Old Hollywood Glam by Renato Campora

GOLDEN GLOBES 2018: Old Hollywood Glam by Renato Campora

Celebrity hairstylist Renato Campora created Jessica Chastain’s glamorous waves for the 2018 Golden Globe Awards using products from Goldwell.

The inspiration behind the look was Lizabeth Scott. Campora wanted to encapsulate her glamour and elegance for this big event. Here, Campora shares how to recreate Chastain’s glam look. 

STEP 1: Begin with a deep side part then apply Goldwell StyleSign Just Smooth Control Smoothing Blow Dry Spray to damp hair to speed up drying time and impart shape and control to the hair. 
STEP 2: Apply Goldwell StyleSign Curly Twist Around Curl Styling Spray to help form the waves and protect her hair from high heat. 
STEP 3: Blow dry hair smooth and curl hair section by section. Pin each curl while it cools to create definition and volume. 
STEP 4: After the curls cool and set, brush out hair and push to the left side. Finish with Goldwell StyleSign Perfect Hold Big Finish Volumizing Hair Spray to ensure voluminous, sophisticated waves stay in place.

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Published at Mon, 08 Jan 2018 21:11:00 +0000