Inspiring Great Grandma & Cat Survived 5 Days of Being Stranded In Chilly Mountains!

The will to survive encompasses everything.

The will to live is a psychological force to fight for survival which is seen as a valuable and active process of the conscious and unconscious mind. This is exactly what happened to inspiring great grandma we have here, and this is her story.

Great grandma’s name is Ruby Stein; she’s an 85-year old octogenarian from Colorado. She was heading home to visit her granddaughter when she took a wrong turn that placed her life and safety in jeopardy.

Unfortunately, she ended in some muddy, snowy back road, and her car got stuck. With nowhere else to go, Ruby is left stranded in the ‘chilly’ mountains with nothing but her cat to keep her company for 5 days.

Her mobile phone lost signal, and her battery later on drained up, which means she cannot flash her lights to call help. All she had to eat were a partially eaten sweet roll, and some Rice Krispies treats. She melted snow on a can on her car’s dashboard to help her hydrated. Ruby took all her clothes and surrounds them in the back seat of her Nissan Sentra to keep her somehow warm.

The entire time, Ruby was caring for her beloved cat companion, Nikki, her pet cat. She would keep her warm by having her sleep on her chest. If at all fails, Ruby considers eating Nikki’s dry cat food to survive, she said:

“When my Rice Krispies treat was getting close, I thought, ‘It might be good.’ “I was looking out the window for foliage or something else to eat.”

“I keep myself very calm, which surprised me. Of course, if you raise five kids, you know.” She further said, “What will be, will be. You just got to accept it.”

She ended up staying alive for five days until locals, who were looking for a place to hike, found her in the car.

A hiker said: “I heard a voice coming from the back seat of the car very faint.” Asked if she is okay she replied – “No, I’m not okay I’ve been here since Tuesday and I need help.”

The moment they got her, the hikers were surprised to know that she was still ‘positive.’ She kept talking so much that they had to remind her to drink water and finish eating her sandwich. Because of her resourcefulness and willpower, she never had a frostbite and hypothermia.

Later on, they contacted her granddaughter, Alee Preuss, who had been worried sick since her disappearance. They had put out a statewide missing person alert, but figured she would be along the interstate, where she was supposed to be driving.

“She means the world to absolutely every single one of us. We love her to pieces. She’s right back to her normal self.”

Now, Ruby and her cat are back in good health and in good spirits! Her entire family wants her to stop driving, but she refused it, even after her ordeal. She even said: ‘They better not take my car! I’ve driven since I was 12 years old out on the farm in Kansas.”


Now, that’s one helluva grandma!

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