Grandpa Is Able To Make A Whopping $400K Recycling – He Donates ALL To A Children’s Charity!

Mr. Johnny Jennings Is Set To Take On The World – No One’s Stopping Him!

For Johnny Jennings, he takes his hobbies seriously, and one of them is recycling. Recycling is one of the best ways you can do to help save the environment, and Jennings is by far the one person you’ll ever know who takes recycling to a whole new level!

Johnny Jennings is an 86-year old man from Georgia and he has been collecting paper and aluminum cans all over his town since the year 1985. He was able to raise $400,000.00 off of his recycling stints. Then, Jennings unselfishly donated all the money raised to the Georgia Baptist Children’s Home, a ministry dedicated to helping children in need.

A resident from Georgia came to know of Jennings’ good deeds; she then took to Facebook to share his one amazing story.

Shay Love wrote:

Mr. Jennings has worn out three trucks and countless sets of tires,” she wrote. “In 2016, Mr. Jennings donated just enough money to make his grand total donated $400,000.00! Yes, you read that right.”

Shay’s post has since gone viral and was shared 45,000 times and generated some 18,000 likes!

Here is a glimpse of what Johnny Jennings has recycled so far to get to his goal of $400K for his preferred kid’s charity:

He started all these alone –

Paper sold: 401,280 lbs (201 tons)

Aluminum cans: 51,565

Pennies collected: 32,040

And his grand total over the past 32 years…

Total paper sold: 9,810,063 lbs

Total pennies: $20,275.20 = 24 miles

Trees saved: 79,000

Shay further shared that Mr. Jennings had his fair share of health issues like two mild strokes all throughout the duration of his fund raising activity, this did not prevented him from completing his recycling targets. He said he will faithfully pursue the recycling activity until his last breath. Every year, Jennings would give a $10,000 to $15,000 check to the aforesaid charity at its annual board meeting, and to date, his donations accumulated to a massive $400,000!

His son when told about the viral post said – “I wish they would just stop that.”

Saying further that:

“My dad doesn’t see the $400,000. He sees the faces of those kids.”


He stated that his mom and dad has become a second parent to thousands of kids at the Georgia Baptist Children’s Home. Mr. Jennings – you’re simply one of a kind!

He’s 86-year old and made a fulfilling life with a REAL purpose. How about you? Have you done anything GOOD or REMARKABLE lately?