Indulge In This Diet Safe 2-Ingredients Homemade Ice Cream That’s 100% Guilt-Free!

A healthy take on ice cream

Summer is now upon us, what better way to chill out in this scorching heat than have a bowl of ice cream! The problem is, ice cream can pack in calories, not to mention the sugar.

Good thing is, we have a recipe here that’s perfect for you, it is diet safe and tastes as delicious as the real thing.

One might find it difficult to imagine hardly any substitute for that rich, creamy goodness of a scoop of ice cream, but it is because you have yet to try this banana ice cream.

Bananas are packed rich in ‘pectin,’ meaning frozen bananas do not get flaky or icy, they even get silky and melty, much like your scoop of favorite dairy ice cream.

Enjoy all the ice cream that you want to have this summer. If you happen to swap out the classic frozen treat for this diet safe ice cream, you will surely enjoy this cold treat sans the guilt!

Proceed below to find out more how you can make this healthy frozen treat that’s every single bit as indulgent as your favorite ice cream!

What You’ll Need

  1. 4 pieces bananas, sliced
  2. Chocolate syrup, butterscotch syrup, or other favorite add-ons to taste
  3. Sundae toppings of your choice

How To Make Ice Cream

  1. Slice up your bananas and pop in freezer overnight.
  2. Take your bananas and place frozen banana slices in blender or food processor, and blend thoroughly until they reach a very creamy texture.
  3. Add your favorite flavoring, chocolate syrup for instance and blend a few times.
  4. Scoop “ice cream” into bowl, and top with all your favorite sundae toppings, like sprinkles, chocolate chips, or fruit.
  5. Serve and indulge!

Do you love this healthy ice cream for summer as your go-to dessert? Then watch the video below for step by step procedure:



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