HOW TO: Creative Edge by Eli Mancha

HOW TO: Creative Edge by Eli Mancha

When Krue, stepped into Eli Mancha’s Bang Salon in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood for a new hairstyle to match his creative personality, Mancha opted for a polished edgy cut. He removed a lot of length on the sides and back while redistributing the volume and focus to his interior. This shift gives Krue height that elongates his face shape and balances his features. Sideburn designs connect to nape designs for a personalized look finished with Lock & Loaded products. 

1) Clip up length from interior to create disconnection. Working with shear-over-comb take the sides down to .5” and blend/texturize with a blending shear to perfect the sides/back. 

2) Use a T-blade trimmer to remove any unwanted hair from the hairline for a natural groomed finish. Customize the hairline with a few creatively placed graphics. 

3) Cut the interior into a square shape leaving approximately 4″ of length.

4) Texturize the interior with a chunking blade to remove weight from the ends and encourage volume and support to established length. 

5) Apply a small amount of Lock & Loaded Bedrock Gel to damp hair and blow dry for incredible volume, hold, and shine.

6) Finish with a cocktail of Lock & Loaded C4 Matte Clay and Vandal Shine Wax.

Check out the video summary of the cut

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Published at Fri, 06 Apr 2018 19:43:00 +0000