SHOCKING: This Human Trafficker Admits To Murdering Over 400 Children & Trafficking Thousands!

This is graphic and vulgar – reader discretion advised

All over the world, millions of kids were documented missingyear after year. The numbers are alarming and the activities are carried out in an organized manner.

It is sad that these things have to happen. We are coming out to tell you that these things really happen, so be careful with your kids and to whom you leave them with.

One human trafficker has gone public and made a confession in a filmed interview that he is selling thousands of children into child pornography, sex slavery, and he admitted to killing hundreds of them that he claims he was – ‘unable to sell.’

In this compelling and profound interview, British investigative journalist Ross Kemp was able to track down and interview a notorious child trafficker. He claims he lost count of exactly how many young girls he has killed, but he stated that it could be ‘somewhere between 400-500.’

Ross Kemp is world-renowned for his award winning and fearless documentaries. He appears to be fighting his emotions during the interview, where he is found face to face with the man who admits he has allegedly killed hundreds of kids to date.

Sharing his personal experience with his encounter with the notorious child killer and trafficker, Kemp is fighting back tears as he said he was ‘horrified’ and ‘shocked’ by the revelations made by the alleged serial child killer, he stated:

“Interviewing a guy who admits to killing 400 to 500 kids but doesn’t know exactly how many – that did make me cry.”

In the particular interview, Ross Kemp can be found seated just a couple of inches away from the murderer/trafficker – Mr. Khan. He said he has – ‘trafficked three or four thousand’ young girls, ‘maybe more’.

The journalist then proceeds to ask if it is true that he has trafficked girls for sex as young as 9 years old, the man replied – ‘I’ve sold girls who are 12.’

He was further questioned if he ever returns any of the kids for whatever reason, to which he said plainly – ‘No.’

He was asked if it’s true if he kills kids that he are unable to sell, he replied flatly:

‘If they try to run away, or if there’s any trouble selling them, they are killed and buried.’

Watch the admissions of Mr. Khan in this interview below:



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