The Little Known Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide In Your Household – This Is Why You Should Have It Handy At Home

A must have in every home

Louis Jacques discovered Hydrogen Peroxide in the year 1818. It works just like the acid.

Though it is only made up of oxygen and water, this type of acid is widely used when making rocket fuel and bleaching paper products.

You can also utilize it for various purposes in your household:


Laundry Whitening – it is ideal for washing white clothes because of its strong bleaching power.

But experts advice that you shouldn’t pour the liquid directly into your clothes. This works jut like a bleach and it is used in the same procedure.

Disinfectant for Various Parts of the Home – Combining hydrogen peroxide and water is an effective disinfectant that you can use in your kitchen.

Place a 50/50 solution into the spray bottle and spray it on furniture and appliances in your home to keep it germ-free.

Kill Fungus in your Body – hydrogen peroxide is also an effective fungus remover in your body.

What you need is a 50/50 solution of hydrogen peroxide and water to kill the fungus in your toe nails and fingernails.

Alternative Tooth Whitener – if you want to keep your mouth clean and teeth whitener, a daily gargle of hydrogen peroxide with a strength of 3% can maintain your dental health and keep your pearly whites pristine.

Bathroom Antiseptic – 3% concentration of hydrogen peroxide together with equal parts of water is an efficient bathroom antiseptic.

You can achieve cleaner bathroom without spending too much.

Grow Houseplants Healthier – one ounce of hydrogen peroxide in a cup of water is all you need to achieve healthier and greener houseplants.

Eliminate Pesticides on Fruits and Vegetables – a quarter of hydrogen peroxide in a basin of water could tick off the pesticide residue on your fruits and veggies. Rinse it well after.

Removes Skin Acne in the Face – hydrogen peroxide will dry up your pimples and acne rapidly  if you use it three times a day.

Clears up Earwax in your Ears – with just four drops of hydrogen peroxide, your earwax will be eliminated in your ears.

Effective Sanitizing Agent for Drinking Fountain – public drinking fountains are the home of contagious disease, carry a hydrogen peroxide if you want to avoid them.

All you need to do is to splash a minimum amount of hydrogen peroxide in the spout of the water fountain. Leave it for a few seconds and turn it on until the count of five. Then have your water fix in a clean and safe public fountain.


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