He Is Poor But He Graduated From An Ivy League School – Dedicated His Success To Only One Thing, Find Out What!

This poor Harvard student’s life is like a movie

Shannon Lytle spent his life in ‘a part of Ohio’, a place with dwellers who barely live by. At a very young age, he already excelled in a poorly performing school.

He was already working when he was still a kid and made it his role to be the breadwinner of his family.

Shannon started from scratch but he worked very hard to come on top, this is the incredible story of an underprivileged student who managed to graduate from an Ivy League school.

During high school, he worked at McDonald’s because he doesn’t have enough money to take the SAT. Flipping burgers to fuel up his education is just the beginning.

He had three baby siblings to fed and attend to. Despite of his drained energy from work, he would still watch over his baby siblings until they fell asleep and do his assignment until 4 in the morning.

He also said: “I walked home through a dangerous part of the city after extra curricular because I couldn’t afford a car.”

“I stuck my laptop out of my window at night to steal my neighbor’s wifi and finish my schoolwork. I was scoffed at and told, “from this part of Ohio, only the children of doctors and lawyers get to go to Ivy League Schools.”

“In college, I panicked when my laptop broke because I had worked 150 minimum wage hours to buy it.”


”I scrubbed toilets, shelved books, and sold clothing so I could chase my dreams and travel the world. Throughout my life, I have maneuvered and begged for every kind of subsidy and coupon. I’m the son of a warehouse worker and an immigrant; a first generation student.”

Hearing this story of determination from Shannon, we have to be reminded of how lucky we are. We should also continue to reach our dreams no matter what it takes because eventually, we will get there. Despite of everyone’s criticism, Shannon burned like a scorching torch, more eager to get hold of the degree he’s been dreaming of from the most well-known schools in the entire world!

Even if your dreams sound doubtful, just believe and work hard because greater things usually sprout out of those hardships.

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