Kid Comforts Terminally ill Baby Brother, Mom Captured It All In A Very Emotional Photo

A very rare moment that will touch hearts - forever.

Long before Thomas Blanksby was born, big brother William waited forever to become a big brother. Parents Sheryl and Jon felt lucky and blessed to be having two lovely boys.

Finally, Thomas arrived and seem to look a lot like any normal baby would, except that he had an unusual lesion on his arm. They initially thought it was just a benign birthmark, 4 weeks later doctors ran some tests to determine and make sure what the lesion was. A scan of the baby’s abdomen yielded a rather malignant lump – a Rhabdoid Tumor. Sad news – Thomas has terminal cancer!

Thomas will have to need his big brother now more than EVER.

The rhabdoid tumors are regarded as an aggressive form of cancer and are often found among toddlers and infants. They originate from the kidneys or the soft tissues in the brain and eventually spread all throughout the body. The tumor on the baby’s arm was a clear indication that cancer is already in an advanced state.

Now, Thomas has tumors in his lungs, left kidney and skin. After removing the baby’s kidney, another tumor, located on his hip bone, fractured his femur. Unfortunately, the survival rate is only 30% and there is no record of a successful treatment for said tumor.

There is no exact time frame left for poor Thomas, but his entire family is determined to keep him happy, comfortable, and well attended to at home in the coming days. Not too long ago, Sheryl found a rather intriguing moment of silence at home, but she was skeptical.

She immediately grabbed her camera, thinking she would walk into the boys in some sort of trouble. Apparently, what she found out blew her away! She immediately snapped a photo so she can treasure and encapsulate the moment forever, she said:

I was expecting my baby to be covered in Nutella or something but instead I saw this,” she wrote, after posting the photo on Instagram. My preschooler is telling his baby brother ‘Kuya (big brother) is here. Everything is ok.”

William, stroking his little brother’s face, hoped to bring the sick little brother some comfort. “We think he knows in his own way, he is aware that Mommy and Daddy are very sad because Thomas is not well.”



Alhough the Blanksbys will lose Thomas soon, they intend to travel, go to the beach, picnic, and venture up and away in a hot air balloon. Through it all, Thomas can count on William to be there all the way.

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