8-Year-Old Kid With Heart Ailment – ‘Youngest To Climb’ As She Managed To Hike Mount Kilimanjaro & Shocked Everyone!

Amazing girl with heart condition made it to the peak

Hiking is ‘literally’ not for the faint of heart. It’s a hobby that is not meant for everyone. As a matter of fact, the closest we could ever come to Mount Kilimanjaro is the Kilimanjaro Safaris in Disney World.

Kilimanjaro is more than 19,000 feet high but would you believe that an 8-year-old kid was able to hike it?

The amazing kid was Roxy Getter. Even if she is still young, Roxy didn’t surrendered when her entire family (dad, mom and 10-year-old older brother Ben) made it their mission to go on an epic adventurous hike in the popular mountain together.

The family hiked the challenging path of the mountain and they succeeded. By then, Roxy is the youngest girl to ever set foot on Mount Kilimanjaro.

Based on an article in Inside Edition, Roxy and his brother Ben are diagnosed with heart issues in the past. However, the Getters ensured that they visit the doctor before they set off on their hiking adventure to secure that their children could withstand the hike. Aside from that, they also spent some time training before they finally journeyed on their record-breaking climb.

The family also stated that apart from this incredibly amazing hike, they had never been into an overnight camping trip. But despite of that, they were able to spend their time hiking and camping on the mountain without any hassle. I guess if you are with your family, anything is possible.

The Getters also believe that their toughest climber was Ben. However, Roxy “didn’t stop”, said their father Bobby.

The hike to the famous Kilimanjaro Mountain was challenging and tough but mother Sarah says that this once in a lifetime journey brought their whole family closer than ever. Apart from that, it also taught their children to, “keep going, even when things get hard.”

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