Lightning Accidentally Hits Two Young Girls, Then Their Pet Dog Rushed To Inform Their Family!

This dog is a hero

It was Friday when two young girls, age of 8 and 16 years old, got struck by lighting. The girls were out exploring on their family trip.

They were from Springville, Utah and Payson, Utah. The girls were camping together with their parents in the secluded area of the Beaver County area. They were there for a family reunion when the unfortunate event happened.

The young children went separate ways from their families because they were planning to go on an ATV-trip to explore the area. When the lighting begin striking, its bolt struck the 8-year-old in the head first, then it travels towards the older girl. They were unconscious after the incident.

When their dog spotted their condition, it ran towards the camp to inform the parents and get some help.

The dog smartly guided the family towards the place where the unconscious girls was. Based on the press release from the family of the victim, a generous stranger  rush them towards the girls and offered first aid while they were waiting for the medical emergency to reach their campsite.

Fortunately, a helicopter pilot in the Utah Department Public Safety named Bret Hutchings was near the area doing research work together with a group of biologists. He heard the cry from the parents and immediately went to the area. That was when the girls were airlifted towards the hospital.

The 16-year-old girl had severe injuries but she’s stable now. The 8-year-old girl is suffering in a critical condition but she is getting better.

The dog, a generous stranger and a kind pilot were the agents that allowed these girls to acquire fast medical attention. If it weren’t for them, maybe they won’t be alive today!

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