Single Mom Afflicted By Brain Tumor Told Her Supervisor About Her Condition, This Is The Unbelievable Response – She’s Fired!

The human spirit is simply undefiable

The human spirit surfaces when someone is in need. Particularly when the individual in need is vulnerable, is sick, then people will surely come to their refuge. From helping with fund raising, bringing food, medicines, etc.

The way other people treat someone in need is in fact an act that restores everyone’s faith in humanity.

But, nonetheless, there are some people who are plain and downright ‘jerks’ no matter what.

In Indiana, when one single mom received a devastating diagnosis, her employer thought they just weren’t going to recover soon so he decided the right ‘humane’ thing to do that day, and now she is suffering due to the wrongful decision of her employer.

Amanda Anderson was diagnosed with brain tumor. She works as a preschool teacher for less than a year at the Child Adult Resource Center. She came to know that she had a brain tumor and so she was set for an operation for its removal about 3 days later.

She phoned in her supervisor, who retorted she would have to ‘check’ as Anderson ‘hadn’t been there long enough.’ As brain tumors are apparently on a timeline.

In a cold and unfeeling statement, Basil Weinman, CEO of the Children Adult Resource Services said, “We work with you as much as we can on the amount of benefit time that we have, but we then say we cannot hold that position. You are welcome to reapply once your life crisis is averted.”

The family has started a GoFundMe campaign in order to raise funds to cover her living expenses as well as medical bills until such time that she has recovered and is able to work again.

No one deserves to be treated like that, especially Anderson who badly needs help in her lowest and darkest times. It is unbelievably inconsiderate, calloused, and indifferent they were to her. Help Anderson get the right help today.


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