New Wales Down's Syndrome test 'to cut miscarriage risk'

New Wales Down's Syndrome test 'to cut miscarriage risk'

Pregnant women in Wales are to become the first in the UK to receive a non-invasive test for Down’s syndrome.

The Welsh Government said the NIPT test, available from Monday, is a safer and more accurate screening for Down’s, Edward’s and Patau’s syndromes.

It will be offered in addition to existing antenatal screening for women found to be at a higher chance of the three.

It is hoped it will cut the miscarriage risk – a factor of the current test.

What is NIPT?

  • One in every 200 women loses their baby after an amniocentesis, in which the fluid around the developing foetus is tested for genetic disorders
  • NIPT would instead test for fragments of foetal DNA, which reaches the mother’s blood via the placenta
  • It is likely NIPT will only be offered to women who have already received a higher-chance result from a combined screening test, which is available on the NHS
  • The test is currently available privately in Wales

Published at Fri, 27 Apr 2018 07:28:26 +0000