At 117 Years Old – Jamaican Woman Hailed The Oldest Living Person In The World!

A life well lived for Violet Brown.

A Jamaican woman born on March 10, 1900 is now hailed as the oldest living person in the world at age 117, after the oldest person in the world Emma Morana passed away.

Emma Morana which was known to be the oldest human being on the planet passed away last weekend.

Emma Morana, who was initially thought to have been the last surviving person born sometime in the 1800s, was also among one of the 5 oldest people ever recorded in history.

But, just recently, the Gerontology Research Group, certified that the world’s oldest registered person is now the Jamaican Violet Brown, which is now 117 years old.

The prime minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holness, tweeted:

Next on the spot are the two Japanese women, namely Chiyo Miyako and Nabi Tajima. They were born on 2 May 1901 and 4 August 1900 respectively.

While in Spain, a woman, Ana Vela, 115, who was born on 29 October 1901, is the oldest European and the fourth oldest person in the world, according to the GRG. Last year Vela, a retired seamstress, became the oldest living Spaniard. She lives in a residential home near Barcelona, uses a wheelchair and can no longer communicate with her family or her carers.

El País reported that her 89-year-old daughter, Ana, recently had to give up her almost daily visits to her mother because of her own health. But her grandson, Antonio, who is 65, still sees her regularly. She said in an interview:

“I always thought my grandmother would live a long time because she was doing really well when she got to 100. I expected she’d be the oldest person in Spain one day, but I never imagined she’d be the oldest in Europe.”

Speaking to El País last summer, Vela’s daughter said there was no secret to her mother’s extraordinarily long life.

She said: “She liked a glass of semi-sweet wine with her meals, but she was never one to drink a lot. She ate everything: meat, fish, vegetables. Her diet was very normal – just home-cooked stuff.”

Wow, what an extraordinary way to live!


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