94-Year Old Woman is McDonald’s Oldest Working Crew – Having Worked 44 Long Years!

Loraine has no plans of retiring anytime soon.

Are you sick and tired of your work? Well, Loraine isn’t, and she is already 94 years old!

Loraine Maurer began work at McDonald’s in the year 1970; she never thought that what was initially a short-term plan would change her life for good. She has since been clocking in at McDonald’s for 44 years now, and she was recently honored for her dedication, hard work, and loyalty by McDonald’s.

Her coworkers at Mickey D’s Evansville, Indiana celebrated with her as he had her work anniversary. It was a huge party and she definitely brightened up everyone’s day.

“Loraine has quite a following. That’s to say the least, really. She has lots of very loyal customers who come especially to our restaurant to see her.” Katie Kenworthy, the restaurant owner stated.

Back in 1973, Loraine started working at McDonald’s after her husband retired due to a disability. “When I started, I didn’t start to stay. I told him we were too young to stay at home and so I went for a job.” Loraine said.


Loraine enjoyed eating Filet-o-Fish sandwich during every shift that she has. But, apart from the food it’s the people that truly won Loraine over, which led her to stick with her job for decades, especially when later on his husband passed on.

Loraine shared, “They were my live savers when I lost my husband. The customers helped.”

Loraine, a loyal employee, who has 4 children, 6 grand children, and 7 great grand children, has her special way with customers; whether it’s having their orders before they come in that day or simply welcoming them with a smile.

Although Loraine has worked at several locations for the past couple of years, some customers even go out of their way to travel across town just to see the oldest McDonald’s employee smile.

“My customers make my life. I have traveled with them, gone to ball games with them. They’re friends, not just customers.”

Loraine enjoyed her party so much, and her co-workers had a blast honoring her past 44 years of working at McD’s and still counting!



Each year, Loraine thought of retiring, however she feels like she would miss the work and customers too much. She now works two shifts a week. She further shared, “I really and truly enjoy it. Life is what you make it. And so I’m trying.”

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