An Amazing Dance Video Led Ellen To Meet A Paralyzed Dancer & Know Her Inspiring Story of Acceptance

Are you uninspired with life, you shouldn’t be

In life, there can come a time when test and trials will go your way. Will you be the one who will fall and succumb to the problem? Or you’d rather face it head on with a sunny disposition?

Life is how you make it. It is all a matter of decision – this woman right here decided not to be hopeless and stay cheerful despite of it all.

One fateful night, just a couple of months after bagging the first place at a dance competition, Chelsie Hill paint the town red and drove recklessly with a friend after she had one drink too many that evening. They collided on a tree head on, and Chelsie got her spine snapping into half. The car mishap left her a T-10 Paraplegic at the tender age of 17.

Almost two months confined in the hospital, Chelsie didn’t give up on her passion for dancing. After 51 days, she was back at her first love – dancing! Her mission is to show the world that you can still dance and groove whether you are walking or simply in rolling in a wheelchair like herself.

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