The Pink Lady of Holywood, Her Pink Obsessions, Wait There’s More…Have A Look At Her Pet!

Pink is the new black

A woman is making waves in the Internet today, meet Kitten Kay Sera. Kitten Kay is known as the ‘Pink Lady.’ She literally lives and breathes pink – and has been doing so for over 35 years now.

Her whole home is the epitome of pink. Every item of clothing she owns is pink. Even her pet – a Maltese dog ‘Miss Kisses,’ is also pink!


Kitten Kay Sera only dates men who share her deep passion for the color. She reveals that the color makes her feel luxurious and lovely. She shared that her passion for pink all began on her 20th birthday way back in 1980. She dressed pink for the occasion – from head to toe, and she never ever looked back.

She shared:

“I went to a funeral last week. I only wore pink. I don’t really know why I do it, but it makes me happy.”

Kitten have stumbled upon her ‘yellow’ counterpart, a woman known as Ella London who only wears nothing but the color yellow. While some judge her for her unique style, Kitten believes she is living her best life and most authentic self.

She stated:

“Some people are going to reject you because you shine too brightly, and that’s OK. We need a shining sparkle in this drab and dull life.”

Kitten Kay is even writing a book about her pink dog, which she entitiled – “Miss Kisses: The Pup Who Turned Pink.”



What do you guys think of her very strange obsession? How about you, what color couldn’t you live without?

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  1. I love her. Saw her on Good Morning America and fell in love with her personality and charisma. Kitten is a born Star!