Headed To The Prom, These Teens Outfit Seem Normal, But Wait Until You Zoom In – You’ll Be Surprised What It Is Actually Made Of!

Creative & original

Prom season is a much-awaited event for teens and we just admire how they put clothing pieces together to create gorgeous prom outfits.

These students are simply stunning with their fashionable prom outfits that everyone can’t get enough with. This annual event is the best place to check out sophisticated and winning dresses. Though most students aim to achieve the elegant look, others were more creative and original.

Just like any event in high school, prom is also the place for various cases of dress controversies. The most common is the school’s policy on showing skin. The school implemented this policy very tightly because teens can be quite careless about the way they dress.

But the case of Ethan Weber and Emily O’Gara was different and their outfits were definitely fabulous. Who would have thought that these teens’ prom outfit was made entirely out of duct tape? We never see that coming!

The reason behind their duct tape inspired prom outfits is to win the $10,000 scholarships by Duck Tape’s 17th annual Stuck at Prom contest. The pair really wanted to snag that scholarship that they sported clothing pieces made of duct tape from head to toe. From their shoes to accessories, everything is made from duct tape. They used a total of 20 rolls of sticky duct tape and 25 precision blades. Everyone at prom was dumbfounded by their cleverness and creativity.

However, the pair didn’t stay in their costumes for the entire event. They had it just long enough to pose for pictures and then they change into their original prom outfits because the handmade dress and tux made moving difficult for the pair.

The prom outfits made from duct tape look so real; you wouldn’t even suspect what they’re made of at first glance. You’ll only know the material of the fabric once you take a closer look.

Be amaze at their clothing master piece in the video below.

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