Purr-fect Birthday – They Loved Their Feline Pal So Much That They Had A ‘Quincenera’ For Her When She Turned 15!

Happy birthday Luna

Meet Luna, she is a rescue cat and she has been with her forever loving home for 15 years now.

They loved her so much that they decided to give her a birthday celebration that’s one for the books!

Cats by nature have a long life span, and it is not unusual that a cat will live until it is around 20 years, one of the oldest cats is 31 years.

So, Luna´s home in North Carolina will not allow her 15th birthday to pass by without throwing her a Quincenera party, just like they would had she been a human daughter celebrating her fifteen years of existence on earth.

Luna is the Olavarria family‘s rescue pet and they wanted to give her long life a proper celebration.
The Olavarria family sent out invitations, bought their beloved feline pal a tres leches cake, and a traditional quinceanera dress topped off with a super duper cute tiara.

Brigitte Olavarria shared:

“Twelve people came to the party, which lasted about three hours. Luna was such a good sport during the whole thing.”

As for Princess Luna’s 16th birthday, you better believe her family is already planning.

If you have a pet cat and you love them so much, why not celebrate their existence with a custom ‘Quincenera’ feline celebration.



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