TRAGIC– Toddler Raped To Death By Mom’s BF, Mom Helped Killer Hide From Cops

A mother MUST protect their kids at all times, and not CAUSE them any harm.

Being a single mom, raising a child on your own is no laughing matter. But, adding another male ‘father’ figure into the tot’s life like a new boyfriend or stepfather, can at times end up with some really tragic outcomes.

In most cases, the new ‘father’ figure accepts the children from previous marriage with open arms, however recorded cases of sexual abuse are rampant these days that moms are urged to watch out and be vigilant.

In a study by the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System, approximately 10% percent of the documented child abuse cases are performed by the mother’s boyfriend.

And although in most cases, the mother is entirely oblivious of the child’s maltreatment by the new ‘father’ figure, in some cases; they simply choose the wrong path whenever abuse finally occurs.

The case in point is a mom from Pennsylvania who is currently facing child endangerment charges after her new boyfriend raped to death her 4-year old son and she failed to get him the right help.

The 4-year old Bentley Miller was left in the care of his mom’s boyfriend – Keith Lambing, while his mom, Mackenzie Peters is at work. The former is living at a local Super 8 motel.

Keith Jordan Lambing, 20, was caught by police in Pittsburgh, USA, one day after the tragic death of Bentley. They found the little boy unconscious in the car of Kristen Herold, Lambing’s mother.

Prosecutors confirm that the post-mortem examination showed the boy had been brutally raped.

He suffered from other injuries such as bruises on his neck and body. His very own mother even helped the suspect get away with the crime.

A warrant was issued and Lambing was found in an abandoned house. He has been charged with homicide, rape, and multiple assaults.


Spread Bentley’s tragic story and warn young parents today!