Cuteness Overload – These Chick Followers Couldn’t Get Enough of Scruffles The Chubby Cat!

Isn’t Scruffles so ADORABLE and FUNNY?

Among the greatest joys in life a pet offers their humans is the laughter and fun they bring us. Regardless of whether we are laughing with them or at them, one thing is for sure – they will NEVER ever hold a grudge! It is as if they are almost always trying so hard to entertain us.

We often find pet owners having photos of their beloved friends in some funny condition, crazy situation, or in an Instagram-worthy pose, or perhaps stuck in the fridge door? Uh-oh!

And what better way to save all those funny and heart-warming precious moments than with the help of  a great photo of video. This is exactly what the owners of Scruffles have in mind when he saw their chubby feline pal up to something.

Scruffles is a white chubby cat who does not have any single idea why chicks are so obsesses with him!

He likes lounging most of the day, or find himself stuck in stuff around the house. But, one thing is extraordinary with Scruffles – it’s his bunch of chicken followers who adore him so much! These chickens would love to watch chubby white cat do nothing and simply laze around the whole day.

For Scruffles, he might have thought:

“If these chicks are just going to stand there the whole day, might as well give them something to look at.”

Scruffles the white chubby cat’s fave spot in the house is just right in front of the screen door that leads to the backyard.

The chickens would often gather around the door to watch and adore him doing nothing. LOL!

Isn’t Scruffles so ADORABLE and FUNNY?

Take a look at this funny video clip below:



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