Heartwarming Video Shows Grandma Teaching Deaf Granddaughter How To Do ‘Sign Language’

This super cute exchange is sure to warm hearts

The relationship between a grandparent and grandchild is whole yet separate. Their bond should never be unnecessarily broken. Children deserve to keep and maintain loving connections with their grandparents.

Parents should never treat their children as their property or use them to punish a grandparent by burning bridges with them.

It is the children that suffer serious consequences when they suddenly lose contact with a grandparent with whom they have formed a bond.

The grandparent is regarded as the nearest link in the family chain and the individual that a child is often closest to aside from the main parent. Grandparents can be a great source of comfort especially when parents are unable to provide care for their child for whatever reason.

Grandparents are a crucial part of every child’s life since they can provide a precious gift that no amount of money can buy – unconditional love. A truly warm and strong bond can enrich the lives of both generations. In order to succeed, it takes a joint effort between the parents and grandparents.

It is universal that grandparents have a special bond with their grandchildren; however no bond comes close to what grandma Pamela MacMahon and 5-month old Aria share – who apparently are both deaf.

Pamela immediately started communicating with her infant granddaughter via sign language; when Aria was 9 weeks old, her mom, Shari Joy McMahon, captured one of their bonding sessions on video, and posted it to Facebook. The clip now has nearly 1 million views, and once you watch it, you’ll understand why. Aria is completely mesmerized, grinning nonstop as Pamela shows her various signs.

Mom Shari Joy shared:

“Aria is almost five months old now and she hasn’t been signing lately but always ‘listens’ intently to people signing to her. She is fifth generation deaf in our family. Almost every member of our family is deaf.”

Thanks for the love and care of grandma Pamela, Aria is sure to be a great signer in the future!



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