All-Glass Slide On The 69th Floor Of A Skyscraper In L.A. Hovers At 1,000 Feet – The Most Terrifying Ride You’ll Ever See!

Would you dare ride this slide?

Thrilling rides are popular in all parts of the world. Though some of these rides are horrifying, they somehow have a special place in everyone’s heart because they are definitely entertaining. The adrenaline rush is worth it. Speaking of these rides, there’s a newly opened one in L.A. and it’s not just a mere ride, it is heart-stopping and totally out of this world!

A mind-boggling latest attraction has recently opened in Los Angeles. It is called the Skyslide, a glass-bottom slide hanging from the 70th floor of the US Bank Tower. It is considered as the tallest building in California. It is one of its kind and many people are swooning over it.

Part of the platform of the Skyspace, is an incredible rooftop that offers a stunning 360-degree views of the entire city. The 1-inch-glass slide brings visitors to an electrifying ride down towards the 69th floor of the building.

The Skyslide is a must-see for adrenaline junkie who wanted to test their abilities to withstand such mind-being ride. It offers new taste of excitement and it will arouse every thrilling cell you have in your body.

Though the ride looks dangerous, experts who built it had made sure that it can withstand hurricane-force winds and earthquakes. It is carefully built to last even through strong natural forces so you could ensure safety and security. But, who would have the slightest idea to use such a ride amidst the many life-threatening events before us?

There are journalists who were lucky to try out the ride several days ago. They even had the chance to experience an exhilarating ride wherein you have to press up against the glass while a 90-degree turn is happening.

If you are fond of breathtaking and unique rides just like this, the Skyslide should be on your bucket list.


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