30-Seconds Conversation Changed Her World Around When This Total Stranger Made Ways To Ensure Popeye’s Cashier Makes It Through Nursing School!

Be a blessing to someone today.

“Life is a box of chocolates, you’ll never know what you’re going to get.” It may sound a cliche for many, but the statement holds some truth in it.

In real life, you never know exactly what life will throw your way. Everyday can be a brand new experience, something you really know nothing about until you finally live it. Well, this is exactly what happened to Shajuana.

For Shajuana May, life is a mystery. First impressions can greatly lead to life’s biggest blessings. In Shajuana’s case, she spent a good 30-seconds talking to a former policeman Donald Carter while at work as Popeye’s Kitchen employee in Kansas City one day. The conversation lasted a mere 30-seconds, but it changed her life forever.

While she is tending to customers at the counter, there is something about Shajuana May’s countenance that moved Carter to ask the woman about her hopes and plans for the future. As it appears, May dreams of going to a nursing school one day, however the costs of admission are just too high for her and her parents.

Carter chewed on their conversation while relaxing at home when “this thought just dawned on me: What if I pay for the girl’s school,” Carter explained.

Carter took to social media to crowdfund Mays’ nursing school’s $1,500 tuition.

“I figured if I could get about 300 of my Facebook friends to put up $5 each, we could do it no problem. I’d do a Facebook Live broadcast presenting her with the gift if we pulled it off. Just a random act of kindness from a few hundred strangers.” Carter shared on his Facebook page.

But, Carter’s random act of kindness spread like wildfire and strangers and random people shared donations for Mays and her future. Within a  couple of weeks, the mere $1,500 goal has been exceeded and reached a whopping $13,000!

As promised by Carter, he filmed it the entire time, the exact moment that Mays’ dreams come to reality. This is a really heartwarming video that you should not miss.

Check out the inspiring and moving video below:



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