Summer Is In – These Staycations Will Allow You To Enjoy Summer On A Shoestring Budget!

Best things in life are FREE

Summer is upon us. Your social media feeds will be surely flooded with the fab trips your friends are making. But, if your purse is preventing you from making that expensive trip – do not fret! This means you can make the best alternative – STAYCATION!

As it comes out, there are lots of ways you can experience new things, try new things, and relax – all without breaking the bank!


Visit A National or State Park

Is a national park near you? Or perhaps a state park? Check on Google and find one that’s nearest you. You and your family can go hiking and experience wildlife as you watch and observe what Mother Nature can offer. You do not have to break the bank to explore it for a couple of days. Just stay at an affordable hotel or go camping – it’s absolutely free!

Obtain a Tourist Pass

Check out local sights and museums. Remember you do this when you visit other cities? Why not do it on your own hometown? Go to your city’s tourism office and purchase a sightseeing or tourist pass. Oftentimes, this can come with admissions to museums, attractions, and even public transport access. Check out your own city, you will be amazed with what you’ll end up discovering.

Have A Day Trip At The Hotel Near You

Hotels nowadays have pools, and they allow day trips without the need of checking in. Why not search for these hotels in your city or state, and check out the policy they offer for day use. In Los Angeles for instance, they have tons of amazing rooftop pools that you and your family can lounge at all day while you enjoy sipping your favorite cocktail!

Check AirBnB

Staying at a pricey hotel can create a huge dent in your pocket. Why not consider renting out over at AirBnB for a night or two. Getting out of your own house and sleeping in a fresh and unfamiliar room that provides you a ‘homey vibe’ can be a welcome treat and let you slip into ‘vacation mode.’

Research A Nearby Body of Water & Go There!

Look for a lake, river, or beach near you. It is the best time to go out and enjoy the warm summer time weather. You don’t have to splurge on a yacht trip, rent a house boat, or do all that expensive stuff. Just be creative and or pitch a tent – and enjoy summer time without spending a dime today!


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