Hunk Actor and 89-Year Old Share The Sweetest Friendship – Find Out Her Touching Last Words

This friendship, although brief is by far the sweetest.

Friends are important as they bring us companionship, support, and the needed enrichment we all need in our lives. They are also needed for survival. Friendship can mean so many various things to a person. It also means that you are not judged and will be accepted for just exactly the way you are no matter what.


In our lifetime, we will surely come across someone who will treat us more like a brother or sister. Close friends share each other’s experiences and in many ways they inhabit each other’s lives, they are ever so pervading. They can have similar viewpoints and share the same values. Friends witness the milestones and unexpected changes in life including the ups and downs, sadness and celebrations, gains and loss. People without friends experience a sense of loneliness and vulnerability, a state of emotion that many of us felt at some point. This is not the case for this lucky 89-year old woman – Norma.

Chris Salvatore is a hunk. By the age of 31 he has made a name for himself in Hollywood as actor, singer-songwriter, model, and more. It is very easy for Chris to immerse himself on his career and forget to notice his neighbor next door. But, Chris did otherwise, he surprised everyone when he befriended his ailing neighbor and formed a rather beautiful friendship like no other!

Norma Cook, Chris’s neighbor lived across the hall from where he resides for 4 years now. They’d been friendly since then, sharing small talks and smiles. But, when Chris heard of the news that Norma has been hospitalized as she suffers from Leukemia, he knew that being just a neighbor isn’t enough.

He went the extra mile to treat her more. Chris has set up a bed especially for Norma in his very own living room where she lived her last happy days, with a loving and faithful friend by her side.

Unfortunately, Norma passed away last February 15, 2017 at around 1AM, this is right after Valentine’s day with her friend right by her side. Her last words to Chris were: ‘I Love You.”

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