Tek Offers Guide on Customizing Your Hair Brush Wardrobe

Tek Offers Guide on Customizing Your Hair Brush Wardrobe

TEK, the Milan based manufacturer of brushes and combs, removes the guesswork of which brushes are needed in the average arsenal with detailed recommendations based upon hair type, scalp health and desired style via its newly updated online shop.

“A complete collection prevents scrambling for the tools that effectively expedite daily maintenance and blowdrying efforts,” says Gian Marco Banfi, COO, Tek. “With TEK’s advice on each product page, anyone can select specifically-designed results-oriented brushes and combs based on individual needs for healthier locks from scalp to the ends.”

TEK recommends brush collections feature:

  • Two combs: one for using in the shower to evenly distribute conditioning products and the other for pre-styling and gently taming tangles.
  • One wild boar, mixed-bristle or ash-wood paddle brush: used for daily and before-bed maintenance.
  • One ash-wood pin small brush: used for scalp health.
  • One portable twin-set: comprised of a small brush and comb perfect for on-the-go gals and guys
  • At least three Ceramik round brushes: variety in sizes correspond to hair-length (the longer the hair, the wider the brush) for faster blowouts.

TEK’s six main collections include Prestige, Natural, Lacquered, Color, Brush and Comb Twin Sets and Ceramik Round Brushes. Each collection has detailed variations from bristle type and length to brush sizes and colors, letting anyone customize according to hair length, type and daily needs.

Visit tekitalyus.com.

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Published at Wed, 17 Jan 2018 17:07:00 +0000