They Didn’t Think They’d Ever See Each Other Again – Terminally Ill Couple’s Touching Reunion Will Bring You To Tears

They didn't know if they'd ever see each other again.

When old-time couple Jerry and Susan Stros was separated for treatment of their terminal illnesses, they were unsure if they would get the chance to see each other – ever AGAIN – or much less say GOODBYE.

The spouses Jerry and Susan Stros have been together for over 5 decades now. They are the proud parents of 4 children and are proud grandparents of 6.

Now, they are faced with the biggest battle of their lives.

A couple of days before they are set for their Florida trip, Susan was not feeling very well. She visited her doctor and she was given a prescription for some antibiotics. Later that day, Susan had problems breathing. Her husband called an ambulance, where it was later on discovered that her lungs had so much fluid, she might not make it through the night. Unfortunately, Susan was diagnosed with terminal small cell carcinoma, a cancer that made through her lungs, chest cavity, liver, and lymph nodes.

A week after, Jerry visited her wife, while in her hospital room, he coll

apsed. Tests revealed that he was likewise suffering from the same cancer that affected his brain. Immediately, they had Jerry rushed to the ICU.

With Susan being discharged to hospice care, and Jerry in the hospital, doctors allowed them to say goodbye to each other. The Stros couple, who had spent half a century by each other’s sides, didn’t know if they would ever see the other again.

Recently, an emotional and heartbreaking video of the terminally ill couple reuniting in their home has been shared over on Facebook and has since gone viral. In the video, Susan – who hasn’t been able to walk on her own – takes steps towards her husband, who is sitting on their couch. They were since reunited at their home in Acworth, Georgia, after the longest separation they’d ever had in their decades-long marriage. All the incredibly touching moment was captured in a Facebook video.

As Susan sits down next to Jerry, they embrace and burst into tears in each other’s arms.

Love conquers all,” is the caption of the video.


Both Susan and Jerry are now living their final days together (finally) at home, where she remains under hospice care supervision and he receives outpatient care.