Upcycling At Its Finest – Using 10,000 Starburst Candy Wrappers She Was Able To Make This Wonderful Masterpiece!

It all takes some creativity & imagination

Her affair with Starburst candy started when her now husband first offered her the candy. It was the very first time they really connected – it has since been her ‘favorite’ candy.

To honor their shared love for the candy, Emily Seilhamer did something special and amazing. She was in it for the long haul, and so this particular project took her 4 years in the making!


For several years, Seilhamer gathered and collected some 10,000 Starburst candy wrappers.

She handpicked and separated each by color and carefully ironed each flat.
That’s when she started folding, creating long chains of single and multi-color wrappers.

She built strips of the same or similar colors so they can form part of their fabulous design.

Here is the whole section complete. Checkout how meticulous these pieces were assembled, and see the attention to detail.

Seilhamer also devised a plan to sew zipper into the designed dress.
The end result? This stunning upcycled dress! She’s no doubt so talented.
She even took some of the extra wrappers and created matching shoes to go with the dress.

The dress is just an eye candy – literally! No one would even be able to tell that it’s made of candy wrappers!

Seilhamer said she even sat next to the gift table at her wedding, where the dress was a huge eye candy!

This project can take a lot of dedication, passion, attention to detail, and skill. We are very impressed Seilhamer, props to you!


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