Couple Turns 300 Acres of Wasteland Into This…After 26 Long Hardworking Years!

Wasteland to a natural conservation

Some two decades ago, spouses Anil and Pamela Malhortra bought 300 acres of land in the Kodagu district in India, with the idea of allowing nature to take its natural course over it.

The region is said to have suffered 86% loss of its forest since 1970 and it is only now that its coming back to life.

The resurgence of ecology in the area can only be due to the couple’s loving care and dedication to conservation, and it has changed the natural landscapes, and their lives for the better.

Kodagu district in South India is suffering from extreme deforestation and habitat loss endangering hundreds of species of animals. However, couple Anil and Pamela has made it upon themselves to fight back. The task appears overwhelming at first but they were both up to the challenge.

The nature loving couple co-founded, Save Animals Initiative Sanctuary in 1991, and have since single handed restored the balance of nature to their 300 acre haven. From that day on, the big hearted couple has tirelessly planted trees and other vegetation that brought all sorts of animals back to the area.

The area is home to over 200 globally endangered species, including the Asian elephants.

Pamela recalled:

“When we first came here, most of the lands that were sold to us, were abandoned lands”

“Abandoned rice fields, coffee, and cardamom fields as well”

“It took a lot of care, energy, and years to bring it back”

“I remember walking through the forest, you wouldn’t hear anything but the sound of your own feet”

“Now, the place is alive with sound”

Pamela hopes that the forest continues to be protected and expanded.

“We both feel a tremendous amount of joy when we walk through the sanctuary”

While they were unable to start a wildlife refuge, it’s wonderful to see people like Gale and Anil bring their dreams to fruition and reality. If two people can restore the balance of nature with time and dedication, the rest of us can do the same and make a difference in our own small way.



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