Who’s New on our Game Camera?

Who’s New on our Game Camera?

Every evening, Irie snuggles up on couch for a few hours of TV viewing–but Tiki feels that she really must assume her position on the front porch. From dinnertime until bedtime, Tiki lies on her cot on the porch, and it’s not uncommon for her to suddenly bolt to the back fence, barking as she goes.

We decided to reposition our game cameras to the back side of our fence to see just what Tiki was alerting to on these evenings. MUCH to our surprise, we spotted what appears to be a bobcat, above and here:

We knew they’d been spotting a bobcat on the nearby preserve so it’s not a total surprise to see one here–but it is a little shocking to see one SO close to our front yard (literally within eight feet). Sorry, Tiki…your evening duties are going to have to move indoors for now!

Along with this noctural visitor, we have the usual coyote neighbors swing by every evening…

…along with a fox every few nights…

We were excited to spot a raccoon this past week…

And EVERY night, we spot multiple rabbits on the game camera (no doubt a big draw for the predators in the valley).

When daylight comes, the trail is quiet once again, although Irie and Tiki’s noses KNOW how much activity there has been the night before!

Published at Sat, 27 Jan 2018 21:27:26 +0000