Woman With Severe Pneumonia Went On Coma After Multiple Organ Failures, Wakes Up & Announces ‘Message From Jesus!’

Message from God

When people suffer from coma, it’s a 50-50% chance that they will wake up. For those with family members who were in a coma, it can seem to be a hopeless case. Knowing that they might never wake up is just too much to bear and most of the time, there’s nothing that they could do but to pray and trust God.

But there are people who choose not to pursue medical treatments because of inconvenient appointment times, prolonged days of waiting, and most of all expensive fees. We can’t blame an individual if they will think this way because life right now is a series of barely getting by every day.

Yvonne Sklar did just that, ignoring what she felt in her body, simply making out that it was only a mere sickness but she was hospitalized and that procrastination was one of the things that she regretted in her life.

After two agonizing weeks diagnosed with what she believed was only flu, Sklar blacked out. Once her painful and intense cough was examined by the expert, she later on found out that she had acquired pneumonia.

But, as doctors investigated and explained, pneumonia was the last thing Sklar would catch. Her blood was tested and it was discovered that infection had expanded to her blood and she would soon be diagnosed with septic shock. Doctors have to medically induce a coma.

While Sklar was in a coma, her friends and family were always around her, praying and supporting her every single day. They were hopeful that Sklar would wake up and they would be able to see her alive and smiling again. They were just there, waiting for her to open her eyes and be well again. And with that, Sklar’s life was forever changed.

According to the newly awaken coma patient, she was able to visit and get a glimpse of what ‘Heaven’ looks like. But this is the most shocking thing of all; she announces that she was given a special message from God.

Sklar was able to get over that life-threatening experience and she was just grateful. She shared her very own story in this footage below.



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